Tribute to Michael Jackson


Sleep well Michael

A megastar has gone to rest

No more mega concerts

No more controversy

No more Jackson 5

No more accusations


The way you made us feel

We could feel it easily like ABC

You didn’t stop till your body had enough

Thrilling us with your mesmerising moves

You always wanted to be startin' something

You beat all the allegations against you


We are the world and you were right

We just couldn't stop loving you

You were always the man in the mirror

We remember the time when you were bad

Hit after hit like a smooth criminal


Mother said, be careful who you love

We thought it was Billie Jean

You knew it wasn’t dirty Diana

As you moonwalked over to the Liberian girl

She was just another part of you

She’s out of your life, a slice of your history

Thoughts of her dancing dangerously

In the blood of your mind,kept in a closet


It didn’t matter if you were black or white

You lived to see Obama live in the white house

We remember the time you screamed

And we left you alone, but you are not alone

Off the wall we shall boogie to your tunes

You were gone too soon


Eat what they eat in the after life

And drink what they drink

May your soul rest in perfect peace

Sleep well Michael

Sleep well


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