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Showing on BET:BlackEntTv Today [ Sunday 21.07.2019 ]

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17:30The Game
  Jason comes on board to serve as a practice coach for the Sabers and ends up hurting Blue's feelings. (S8, ep3)
18:00The Game
  Malik tries to buy his way back into the Sabers by bribing Jason. (S8, ep4)
18:30The Game
  Jason is able to get Malik a spot back on the Saber's but it is far from the superstar position he once had. (S8, ep5)
19:00The Game
  Chardonnay's sorority sister is in town to cheer her up after hearing of her divorce. (S8, ep6)
19:30The Game
  Malik tries to squash his feelings for Keira, leading to some awkward moments. (S8, ep7)
20:00New: Sunday Best
  Each singer must transform an R&B hit into an electric gospel performance. (S9, ep4)
21:00The New Edition Story
  The lives of five childhood friends from the projects of Roxbury will forever change after they form a singing group to win local talent shows, and ultimately become a legendary R&B group. (S1, ep1)
  A Shakespearean story of two brothers, each carving out a drastically different lifestyle in modern day Atlanta. (S2, ep1)