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Showing on ROK Today [ Sunday 21.07.2019 ]

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16:30Love, Food And Everything In Between
  Bukky has everything going for her. She struggles with love and intimidates men with her achievements. But when Obinna comes along a major compromise will be made to keep the love of her life.
18:25The Intern
  Adegoke is a young man who goes through life by lying to almost everyone about everything in order to live the good life. His tangled web of lies soon became too complicated for him to manage.
20:05Royal Tussle
  As a desperate and ruthless queen ascends the throne, the princess must go into an uncommon union to reclaim her father's throne.
  A newlywed couple become perfect strangers in their home, bickering over the smallest things and losing sight of what caused them to fall in love with each other. With Mary Njoku.
  A desperate father, who has recently lost his job, accepts the offer from a nefarious old friend to kidnap a woman for ransom, in order to raise money for his son's urgent surgery. With Mary Njoku.